HICAP ANZ 2022 Experience Sponsorship Opportunities

The HICAP ANZ team is delighted to provide opportunities for companies to make an impact among the hotel industry’s leaders. While HICAP ANZ conference sponsorships focus on companies investing and developing hotel real estate, HICAP ANZ “Experience Sponsorships” focus on unique opportunities during the conference that allow key industry suppliers/vendors to gain visibility among the ‘Who’s Who’ in the hotel investment community.

Coffee Sponsorship

Delegates drink coffee by the gallons! One company can exclusively sponsor every last drop of the liquid gold as our urns never run dry. Coffee is available to all delegates during programmed conference hours at different stations throughout the conference space.

Sponsored by:

Continental Breakfasts Sponsorship

Continental Breakfasts will be offered to conference delegates. The F&B offerings will include hotel and cold items.

Networking Breaks Sponsorship

Networking Breaks will be offered to conference delegates. The F&B offerings will include an assortment of snacks and beverages for attendees to grab and take with them.

Networking Lunch Sponsorship

Sponsorship of a Networking Lunch during the conference. The F&B offerings will include hot and cold items.

Headshot Lounge Sponsor

The Headshot Lounge would be operational during the conference. The professional photographer will be determined by conference organizers, and all aspects of the photo process will be branded from start to finish.

Registration Desk Sponsor

Sponsorship of the conference registration desk. Be in front of every delegate that checks in (that’s pretty much all of them!).