HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards: Sustainable Design

To apply please address the questions below and submit along with any supplemental materials file to SustainableHotelAwards@HICAPconference.com
Deadline for Submissions was 15 August 2022.
Note: Property must be completed/operating at time of entry.

Hotel Owners for Tomorrow

Hotel Owners for Tomorrow (HOT) is a coalition bringing together hotel owners committed to building a sustainable future and leave a lasting legacy. It is a voluntary, no-cost commitment for owners of hotel real estate, supported by brands, network partners, development partners, and media to help owners to commit to 5 no-cost actions. For more information see www.hotelsfortomorrow.org.

Supplemental Information for Award Consideration

In addition to the criteria above, each entry can submit additional detail their exemplary and quantifiable sustainable development practices according to the award category criteria so the judges can make informed and appropriate assessments.
  • Supplemental information must adhere to the guidelines in the award description:
    • File Format: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or PDF (keeping in mind File Size restrictions)
    • File Size: 10MB and 20 pages maximum
    • Font: No smaller than 12 point.
    • Language: English
  • Please do not use acronyms or abbreviations unless explicit explanation is provided.
  • Please feel free to use bullet points where appropriate.
  • Please include photos/images as visual support in illustrating core components of your hotel’s entry.
  • Data charts, tables, and calculations are accepted within the supplemental material.
  • Boilerplate content and unrelated initiatives (i.e. program for training at-risk youths in the kitchen for a hotel applying for Sustainable Design) will not be reviewed and risks diluting the application’s relevant strengths.